We made it this far in pretend

by SHELK ((Robb Benson demos solo and with friends))

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Written and recorded by me with help on some songs from some friends... this is another basement demo collection of tunes that came out far better then i could have imagined. Huge thanks to Ben Brunn, Cass Laton for the help with the first song, and great poets Jake Uitti, Felicity FitzGerald, and Nick Kennedy for their help with fantastic words on a few others.

Otherwise i just recorded a lot of stuff in the shelk studios (My basement) and made some songs that I feel are magic. I played all the instruments except for the first song. They are not mastered so the sounds are still a bit all over the place... But for a free song share the energy seems to come through. I hope some of these tunes graduate into Stereo Embers songs someday so they can be properly produced, tightened up and recorded in a big studio and mastered, until then you get to hear the early versions. -Robb Benson


released May 18, 2015

Ben Brunn on bass on For Now also Cass Laton on drums we all co-wrote that song.

Jake Uitti lyrics on songs Borrowed Words, Any one you know, & WIres and connection.

Felicity FitzGerald wrote the poem that turned into The Sounds Of Music

Nick Kennedy wrote the poem that turned into Blurred Lines on the Road.



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Shelk Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: For Now
Email me - Robb@Stereoembers.com
Track Name: Borrowed words
Ask Jake Uitti he wrote it, email him about how fucking awesome he is... he deserves it, I love that fucker!!!! -RB
Track Name: Anyone you know
Ask Jake Uitti, he is all over the web... but you probably already know him.
Track Name: The Sounds of Music
Contact Felicity FitzGerald, she wrote the words.
Track Name: Wires and connection
Email Jake Uitti, he wrote the words
Track Name: Ballard
Email Me Robb@StereoEMbers.com
Track Name: Who can make sense of anything
Email me - Robb@stereoembers.com
Track Name: My way to hide
ME feel free to email me Robb@STereoembers.com
Track Name: You ain't done your time
Email me - Robb@stereoembers.com
Track Name: Long horn cry
Email me Robb@Stereoembers.com
Track Name: Blurred Lines on the road
Ask Nick Kennedy, find him in Tacoma.